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Publications by Tara Rodgers on electronic music and sound history, culture, practice.


Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound

Duke University Press (2010). Twenty-four interviews with women electronic musicians, DJs, and sound artists; with a critical introduction on gender and audio cultures.


Approaching Sound

In The Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities, edited by Jentery Sayers (New York: Routledge, 2018).

Toward a Feminist Epistemology of Sound: Refiguring Waves in Audio-Technical Discourse

In Engaging the World: Thinking After Irigaray, edited by Mary Rawlinson (SUNY Press, 2016).

Tinkering with Cultural Memory: Gender and the Politics of Synthesizer Historiography

In Feminist Media Histories, 1:4 (Fall 2015), special issue: Women and Soundwork, edited by Michele Hilmes and Kate Lacey.

Cultivating Activist Lives in Sound

In Leonardo Music Journal 25 (2015), special issue: The Politics of Sonic Art. Adapted from a keynote at the 2nd Sound :: Gender :: Feminism :: Activism conference, London College of Communication, October 2014.

Reprinted in Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music, revised ed., edited by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner (London: Bloomsbury, 2017).

Published in Swedish translation: Ljudkonst anthology on sound art, edited by Andreas Engström and Åsa Helena Stjerna (Stockholm: OEI, 2019).


In Keywords in Sound, edited by David Novak and Matt Sakakeeny (Duke University Press, 2015).

“What, for me, constitutes life in a sound?”: Electronic Sounds as Lively and Differentiated Individuals

In American Quarterly 63:3 (September 2011), special issue: Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies, edited by Kara Keeling and Josh Kun: 509-30.

Into the Woods: A Brief History of Wood Paneling on Synthesizers

In Sounding Out! The Sound Studies Blog, May 30, 2011.

Toward a Feminist Historiography of Electronic Music

In The Sound Studies Reader, edited by Jonathan Sterne (Routledge, 2012). Reprinted from the introduction to Pink Noises.

The Poetics of Signal Processing

Co-authored with Jonathan Sterne. In differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 22:3 (Fall 2011), special issue: The Sense of Sound, edited by Rey Chow and James Steintrager, 31-53.

Published in German translation: “Poetik der Signalverarbeitung,” Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft (Media Studies Journal) 5:2 (2011).

On the Process and Aesthetics of Sampling in Electronic Music Production

In Organised Sound 8:3 (2003), 313-20.

Reprinted in Electronica, Dance and Club Music, edited by Mark J. Butler, The Library of Essays on Popular Music series (Ashgate, 2012).

Published in Swedish translation (by Jim Jakobsson) in Mer än Ljud/More Than Sound, edited by Sara Arrhenius and Magnus Bergh (Stockholm: Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2013).

Selected Interviews


Artist Spotlight: Analog Tara (2021).

SEAMUS Newsletter

Interview with Tara Rodgers by Ted Coffey (2019).

The Digital Musician, 3rd ed.

Case Study: Tara Rodgers in Andrew Hugill, The Digital Musician, 3rd ed. (Routledge, 2018).

Truants Blog

Interview with Analog Tara by Taylor Trostle (2018).

New Music Box

Interview with Tara Rodgers by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti, Building Curriculum Diversity: Pink Noises (2017).

Museum of Portable Sound

Media Crafting: Tara Rodgers’s Collection of Mini Fiber Arts Audio Gear (2017).

Stamp Gallery

Tara Rodgers: Patterns of Movement pre-show interview (2012).

Vague Terrain

Digital Art/Culture/Technology “Process” issue (2007).

Artist Statements

Patterns of Movement solo exhibition flyer

Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland (2012).

How Art and Research Inform One Another; or, Choose Your Own Adventure

In Canadian Journal of Communication 37:1 (2012), special issue: Media Arts Revisited, edited by Kim Sawchuk, 155-61.

On “Places I’ve Lived and Traveled To, 1973-2005”

In Tools of Mind, special issue of FO A RM curated by Matt Marble (2007).

Butterfly Effects: Synthesis, Emergence, and Transduction

In Leonardo Electronic Almanac 14:7-8 (2006), special issue: Wild Nature and the Digital Life, edited by Sue Thomas and Dene Grigar. On a quad sound installation, written in SuperCollider, inspired by behaviors of migrating butterflies.


Review of Daphne Oram’s An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics

Guest curator, Her Noise Archive (2012).

Sounds Like Now!

Guest curator, CD with introduction to accompany a special issue on improvisation and technology, Leonardo Music Journal 20 (2010).

Sound and the Social Organization of Space

Guest curator, special section with introduction, featuring artist statements from Carrie Bodle, Beth Coleman & Howard Goldkrand, Chris Kubick & Anne Walsh, Trevor Paglen, and Matt Volla, Leonardo Music Journal 16 (2006).

Analog Tara dances in green-blue suede sneakers while activating keys on a Roland HS-60 synth on a wood floor
Still image from Tara Rodgers HS-60 Gear Demo video (2015)