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Analog Tara performing at MUTEK in 2018
Photo by Bruno Destombes

“Rodgers’ approach varies widely from release to release, performance to performance, spanning electroacoustic drift, atmospheric techno, and sublime layers of droning synth.” — Bandcamp Daily

“I have always loved learning new instruments and new ways of working with sound… I’m interested in harmonic complexity as a kind of blown-out timbral dimension that can tell an alternate story while other things are going on in a musical piece… like, if we use terms like lines or patterns when we refer to melody and rhythm, a complex system of interacting overtones is more like the impossible staircase of M.C. Escher, yes? Because it can lead you through a piece in all sorts of directions depending on where your point of entry is or how you focus your listening. And electronic and electroacoustic music is especially well suited to working within this dimension.” — Interview with SEAMUS

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