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Tara Rodgers / Analog Tara

Side view of Analog Tara, against a lavender background, wearing vintage sunglasses and a green camoflouge jacket with embroidered pink and orange flowers on both sleeves.

Welcome to the web home of Tara Rodgers / Analog Tara. I am a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian, originally from upstate New York and now based in the Washington, DC area. Learn more about my work.

I welcome commissions for electronic music compositions, remixes, sound installations, and music for podcasts, dance or film. Contact me using this form.


Jomox Studies: a new album of solos on the Jomox XBase 09 drum machine!

At last – a roundup of Analog Tara short-form, home-studio performance videos: #studiotime #practicing

Keynote (virtual) with Jonathan Sterne for Instruments, Interfaces, Infrastructures: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Musical Media, Harvard University, May 11-13, 2023.

We Cross Examine with Old Sonic DNA’: King Britt and Tara Rodgers in conversation on Blacktronika, music technology and pedagogy, in Organised Sound 27:1 (2022)

Hear music by Analog Tara in One Institute’s Periodically Queer podcast on magazines, newsletters, and LGBTQ+ community building.

“Her sonic nexus is layered, complex, and performative; her music is an engagement with rhythmic disruption, meditation, fluidity, mindfulness, and healing… In the predominantly patriarchal world of electronic music—whether dance music (techno and house) or that found beyond a club’s walls—Rodgers’ processes and practices seek to honor the “traditions” she expands by carrying her listeners along through deeply felt, deeply connected sonic energy that embodies joy, transcendence, and positivity.” — M. Silverman, The Routledge Companion to Creativities in Music Education, 2022

Analog Tara – Dimensions EP

Analog Tara Dimensions album cover with abstract black-and-white line drawing inspired by DC Metro architecture. Art by Joyce, 1432 R.

“Full of warm, soulful techno with a distinctly human touch… feels both perfectly functional and still otherworldly.” — Resident Advisor

“Rodgers has become renowned for producing quality dance music, and her latest EP is no exception… funkadelic house at its languidly louche best.” — The Playground

Fundamentals EP

“You don’t need to know much about techno for Fundamentals to register as something special… A beautifully austere, four-track exercise in quality control and rigorous decision… it is assertive work, bold in the precision and subtlety it takes to mix such signals with thrill and grace and restraint.” — NPR Music

“Top to bottom, this is well-crafted dance music — the kind that makes the floor feel sturdier beneath your feet while still allowing your head to get all-the-way loose.” — The Washington Post

Wammie Award nominee and FACT Magazine Best of 2018

Analog Tara Fundamentals album cover art with black-and-white line drawing of eye and Leo symbols. Art by Joyce, 1432 R.

Synthetic Fields

Analog Tara's Synthetic Fields album cover is a swirl of lavender and multicolor patterns radiating from the bottom right corner against a purple background. The art is abstracted from a close-up photograph of a flower.

“Excellent electronic music from Analog Tara on her Synthetic Fields EP… extremely accessible and a very satisfying listen. Contains everything from pleasing harmonic drone to melodic pop-tune material, all delivered with intelligence, charm, and great clarity of intent. Analog Tara exhibits great restraint in her choice of sounds and a real economy in their arrangement and delivery. Lovely item all round.” — The Sound Projector

Sketches with Piano + Analog Noise

“Rodgers’ approach varies widely from release to release… sketches features sinuous, jazz-inflected improvisations on grand piano, augmented with layers of buzzing, skittering analog electronics.” — Bandcamp Daily

Cover of sketches with piano + analog noise by Tara Rodgers

Tara Rodgers – Pink Noises

Pink Noises book cover showing the hand of Jessica Rylan playing a synth that she designed.

“A modern mainstay of feminist electronic music discourse.” — NPR Music

“[Pink Noises] was and is an absolutely singular undertaking which has staked a claim to changing the ways in which we think about electronic music.” — Cycling ’74

“One of the most fascinating writers on the topic of gender and electronic music history… Pink Noises is a must for any electronic musician.” — LANDR

“[Pink Noises] challenges us to listen differently, and more musically, to the electronic musics these women have made.” — International Alliance for Women in Music

“Feminist and queer musicology in the U.S. has [an] established presence… and Rodgers is one of its most interesting voices.” — The Wire