Analog Tara performing at MUTEK in 2018
Photo by Bruno Destombes

“Rodgers’ approach varies widely from release to release, performance to performance, spanning electroacoustic drift, atmospheric techno, and sublime layers of droning synth.” — Bandcamp Daily

“I have always loved learning new instruments and new ways of working with sound… If I roam around genres it is probably an outgrowth of that sort of multi-instrumental, multi-pronged, technological curiosity.” — Interview with SEAMUS

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Electroacoustic & SuperCollider Compositions

  • Resolutions
    Digital photograph, custom software, unknown duration (30 min. excerpt) / 2012. A sonic self-portrait in which a recording of the artist’s voice speaks… Read More »Resolutions
  • sand, snow, breeze
    3 tracks / 42 min / 2012. A series of audiovisual compositions using time-lapse photos and computer-generated noise to represent landscapes and weather… Read More »sand, snow, breeze
  • Ocean State
    12 tracks / 51 min / 2007. An album of electroacoustic lullabies + reveries with improvised piano, field recordings, Moog and ARP synths,… Read More »Ocean State
  • Butterfly Effects
    Custom software, real-time generation, open-ended duration / 2006. A four-channel, generative composition with a structure derived from migratory monarch butterfly behaviors and inspired… Read More »Butterfly Effects