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The INSERT [      ] HERE project is a performative experiment in embodiment, co-directed by contemporary dance artists Nick Bryson and Sharon Mansur, employing imaginative notions of insertion via kinetic, spatial, aural and visual realms. INSERT [coda] HERE (2015) is a continuation of this work, with Sharon Mansur (performance), Tara Rodgers (music), and Brian Harris (photography, edit). Watch the video here or on Vimeo.

Another mix of Tara’s music, compiled from INSERT [      ] HERE performances at the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, University of Maryland, and Dance Place, DC (2013-14), is available below via Soundcloud. Segments of the music are made to be started anytime in relation to one another, layered in combination, played on their own or through multiple channels. The first 8 min. of this mix stack several segments at once, followed by breakouts of individual parts. Featuring Alexa Cantalupo on violin & viola da gamba; Tara Rodgers on piano, analog synths, bass, voice, and other instruments.

The development of INSERT [      ] HERE was supported in part by a University of Maryland Creative and Performing Arts Award, UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts, Dance Place (DC), and the Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Ireland.

INSERT [coda] HERE has screened at Light Moves Festival of Screendance, Ireland, November 2015; RADFest Alternative Dance Festival, MI, March 2016; Tiny Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, March 2016; DanceBARN Screendance Festival, MN, July 2016; Detroit City Dance Festival, August 2016; Project 1612 Film Festival, IL, September and November 2016; Artcroft Film & Video Festival, KY, September 2016; Greensboro Dance Film Festival, NC, September 2016; Citizen Jane Film Festival, MO, November 2016; Film Festival Rakyat, Indonesia, November 2016; Mirror Mountain Film Festival, Canada, December 2016 Frozen River Film Festival, Winona, MN, February 2017, Tipperary Dance Platform International Festival TDP’17, October 2017; Balkan Can Kino, Athens, Greece, May 2018; Oregon Cinema Arts Film Fest, August 2018.