ocean state

A quiet electroacoustic album from Tara Rodgers featuring an unexpected mingling of improvised piano, field recordings, Moog and ARP synths, SuperCollider sounds, and drums and percussion by Curt Newton.

Album notes

lullabies + reveries from mixed sources. drums + percussion performed by curt newton + recorded by amos scattergood in medford, mass., april 2005. piano on tracks 1, 2, 3, 11 + 12 recorded by paul scriver in the mills college concert hall, oakland, calif., feb 2006. all other piano, inside piano, moog IIIp + arp 2600 recorded by tara at the center for contemporary music, mills college, 2004 + 2006. field recordings are from auburn, mass., chicago, oakland + block island. electric guitar, little boy blue synth + supercollider instruments recorded in montreal, 2007. edited + mixed at home in oakland, providence, montreal + on the go. painting of basin bay by mima (ellen hoogkamp). warm thanks to curt, amos, paul, mom + dad, jody blackwell, jessica rylan, nancy tobin, maggi payne, chris brown, fred frith. with gratitude also for the music of dave mckenna, shirley horn, bill evans, pauline oliveros, eliane radigue.

Released August 20, 2007