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More Music & Sound Art

Music for INSERT [ ] Here

Sound and music for performative experiments in embodiment (2013-15), co-directed by dance artists Nick Bryson (Ireland) and Sharon Mansur (USA).

Sonic Panoramas

A series of panoramic portraits of cities with red, green, and blue color data converted to sound (2007-09).

Media Activism, Video Art, & Other Projects

Pink Noises

A feminist media project that advocates for gender diversity in music technology fields, makes information on music production more accessible, and encourages critical consciousness through creative uses of sound and audio technologies (2000-).

Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio

An event space and teaching lab at the University of Maryland, connecting the fields of women’s studies and digital humanities through art, performance, scholarship, and media activism (2011-13).

Dynamic Line Drawings with Analog Kick and Snare

Digital renderings of an analog kick and snare recorded into ProTools (2015).

Ocean State Videos

Two signal paintings made of music from the Ocean State album (2006/2014).

Wind Farm with Sounds of the ARP 2500

An audiovisual sketch of layered patterns of movement and ambient noise: aerial view of wind farms north of England, with sounds of a restored ARP 2500 (2014).

Gear Demos

An ongoing series of short videos that play with the conventions of virtual performance, amateur musicianship, gear lust, gender and domestic space which are well on display in the many instructional videos about music technologies on YouTube (2012-).

Still from Analog Tara HS60 Gear Demo
Still image from Tara Rodgers, Gear Demo: Roland HS-60 (2015)