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Performance Velvet (video)

An intimate studio video in which I mix an ambient piece that I wrote a few years ago and have performed a few times, including at Mills College, Berklee, and Rhizome DC. It combines sounds of analog synths such as the Oberheim Matrix-1000, Jealous Heart, Vermona DRM1, and ARP 2500.

I’ve been working on creating electronic atmospheres that can be felt across the body – also thinking about how electronic sounds sometimes align with our breath, pulse or heartbeat in ways that we might be conscious of or that remain a mystery. When I perform this piece, I intentionally work on aligning musical phrasings or other gestures with my breathing and vice versa, tuning myself to the oscillations where I can.

Postscript: A version of this piece, “Performance Velvet,” is now available on the Analog Tara / Synthetic Fields EP, released on DC’s Zeromoon label.