Tara Rodgers / Analog Tara

Welcome to the web home of Tara Rodgers / Analog Tara. I am a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian, originally from upstate New York and now based in the Washington, DC area. Learn more about my work.

I welcome commissions for electronic music and sound art, including remixes, performances, installations, and music for dance or film, and invitations for speaking engagements. Contact me using this form.

Analog Tara – Dimensions EP

Analog Tara Dimensions EP cover art

Out July 6 2021 on 1432 R!

“Full of warm, soulful techno with a distinctly human touch… feels both perfectly functional and still otherworldly.” — Resident Advisor

“Rodgers has become renowned for producing quality dance music, and her latest EP is no exception… funkadelic house at its languidly louche best.” — The Playground

Analog Tara – Fundamentals EP

Analog Tara Fundamentals EP cover

“You don’t need to know much about techno for Fundamentals to register as something special… A beautifully austere, four-track exercise in quality control and rigorous decision… it is assertive work, bold in the precision and subtlety it takes to mix such signals with thrill and grace and restraint.” — NPR Music

“Top to bottom, this is well-crafted dance music — the kind that makes the floor feel sturdier beneath your feet while still allowing your head to get all-the-way loose.” — The Washington Post

Synthetic Fields

Synthetic Fields album cover

“Excellent electronic music from Analog Tara on her Synthetic Fields EP… extremely accessible and a very satisfying listen. Contains everything from pleasing harmonic drone to melodic pop-tune material, all delivered with intelligence, charm, and great clarity of intent. Analog Tara exhibits great restraint in her choice of sounds and a real economy in their arrangement and delivery. Lovely item all round.” — The Sound Projector

Sketches with Piano + Analog Noise

Cover of sketches with piano + analog noise by Tara Rodgers

“Rodgers’ approach varies widely from release to release, performance to performance, spanning electroacoustic drift, atmospheric techno, and sublime layers of droning synth. sketches features sinuous, jazz-inflected improvisations on grand piano, augmented with layers of buzzing, skittering analog electronics.” — Bandcamp Daily

Tara Rodgers – Pink Noises

Cover of Pink Noises book by Tara Rodgers

“A modern mainstay of feminist electronic music discourse.” — NPR Music

“[Pink Noises] was and is an absolutely singular undertaking which has staked a claim to changing the ways in which we think about electronic music.” — Cycling ’74

“One of the most fascinating writers on the topic of gender and electronic music history… Pink Noises is a must for any electronic musician.” — LANDR

“[Pink Noises] challenges us to listen differently, and more musically, to the electronic musics these women have made.” — International Alliance for Women in Music

“Feminist and queer musicology in the U.S. has [an] established presence… and Rodgers is one of its most interesting voices.” — The Wire