Tara Rodgers – Resolutions (2008/12)

Image of Resolutions by Tara Rodgers, Stamp Gallery, 2012

Tara Rodgers, Resolutions, at Stamp Gallery, 2012

A self-portrait in which a recording of the artist’s voice speaks pixel data from a digital photograph. This piece explores how self-representations and lived realities are rendered by processes of digital encoding. Color information contains racial and ethnic genealogies; wrinkles and blemishes from age and stress; light, shadows, and dust from a transient time and situation. For all that it captures, digital encoding also leaves much out, or otherwise alters the details of lived experience.

Color information is read from each pixel, left to right across the image, one row at a time. The end of each line is marked with a breath. This 30-minute audio excerpt represents a small area of the forehead.

Digital photograph, custom software, stereo audio, unknown duration (30 min. excerpt)
Photo by Abe Doherty, Oakland, CA, 2006; custom software created in 2008; audio re-recorded in 2012.

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