Places I’ve Lived & Traveled To, 1973-2005 (2005)

Custom software, stereo audio with video, 16 min. 30 sec.
Recommended for headphones or speakers that reproduce a wide range of frequencies.

An audiovisual composition tracking the artist’s movement patterns throughout life, based on memories. Places are arranged chronologically with relative durations, with a timescale of 30 seconds = 1 year. Latitude, longitude and elevation data describing each place are mapped to sound frequency (pitch). Audio output is input to video, and framed with an analog video mixer.

Created before location data and associated tracking capabilities became widely available on personal mobile devices, this piece entailed making a database of movement patterns by recollection, talking with friends and family, typing a chronological list of over 30 years’ worth of locations, and compiling associated geographic information by hand.

Places explores how personal memories and audiovisual signals are both “lossy” mediums with dropouts and imperfections. It also suggests a way of experiencing waveforms as landscape (and vice versa). Periods of rest and mobility are evident in the audiovisual oscillations, as a waveform representation of inhabited locations passes by the window-like frame.

This piece has been presented at Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland (2012), MAERZ Artist Association, Centrifuge Exhibition, Linz, Austria (2009), SOIL Gallery, Seattle (2007), and Eyebeam, Circuit #2 Exhibition, New York (2006).

Photos of Places installed at Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland, August 2012 (top), part of the solo exhibition: Patterns of Movement: Data and Sound Works, 2005-12; and at SOIL Gallery, Seattle (2007), in the Groundtruthing group exhibition, shown with the database score. Still images and score excerpts follow.





 places_score_1998 places_score_2005