Bookshelves at WMST Multimedia Studio, UMD

Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio (2011-13)

WMST Multimedia Studio, UMDThe Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio at the University of Maryland is a multi-purpose event space and teaching lab connecting the fields of women’s studies and digital humanities through art, performance, scholarship, and media activism.

The Studio was established by Dr. Tara Rodgers and opened in Fall 2011 with support from the UMD Women’s Studies department, Digital Cultures & Creativity (DCC) program, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), and College of Arts & Humanities. It was left to the Women’s Studies department for ongoing oversight in Summer 2013.

From 2011-13, the Studio hosted performances, lectures, film screenings, workshops, and course sessions that examined issues of identity and difference, encouraged work across academic departments, and fostered connections between the university and the broader community.