INSERT [      ] HERE

The INSERT [      ] HERE project is a performative experiment in embodiment, co-directed by contemporary dance artists Nick Bryson (Ireland) and Sharon Mansur (Washington, DC), employing imaginative notions of insertion via kinetic, spatial, aural and visual realms. This work evolved from Mansur and Bryson’s unique international partnership, involving creative practices in somatics and dance, along with contributions from collaborating artists.

INSERT [coda] HERE (2015) is a continuation of this work, with Sharon Mansur (performance), Tara Rodgers (music), and Brian Harris (photography, edit).

A mix of Tara’s music and sound score, from performances at the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, University of Maryland, and Dance Place, DC (2013-14), is available below. Segments of the music are made to be started anytime in relation to one another, layered in combination, played on their own or through multiple channels. The first 8 min. of this mix stack several segments at once, followed by breakouts of individual parts. Featuring Alexa Cantalupo on violin & viola da gamba; Tara Rodgers on piano, analog synths, bass, voice, and other instruments. Feel free to layer this recording with real-time sounds of crickets near you.

Additional video documentation of INSERT [      ] HERE is available here.

The development of INSERT [      ] HERE was supported, in part, by a University of Maryland Creative and Performing Arts Award, UMD School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts, Dance Place (DC), and the Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Ireland.