Tara Rodgers at the piano, 2011

Electric_Keyboard_32  projects.

Pink Noises cover
Pink Noises (2000-)
A feminist media project that promotes work by women who are DJs, electronic musicians and sound artists, makes information on music production more accessible to women and girls, and encourages critical consciousness through creative uses of sound and audio technologies.
Analog Tara making techno
Techno (2013-)
Recent homemade techno tracks using analog sound sources.
Insert [coda] Here video still
Music for INSERT [ ] HERE (2013-15)
Contributions to a performative experiment in embodiment, co-directed by contemporary dance artists Nick Bryson (Ireland) and Sharon Mansur (Washington, DC).
HS60 Gear Demo still
GEAR DEMOS (2012-)
An ongoing series of short videos that play with the conventions of virtual performance, amateur musicianship, gear lust, gender and domestic space which are well on display in the many instructional videos about music technologies on YouTube.
dynamic line drawing #2
Dynamic Line Drawings with Analog Kick & Snare (2015)
Digital renderings of an analog kick and snare recorded into ProTools.
Wind Farm with ARP 2500
Wind Farm with Sounds of the ARP 2500 (2014)
Aerial view of wind farms north of England, with sounds of a restored ARP 2500. An audiovisual sketch of layered patterns of movement and ambient noise.
Hammond organ
Slow Grooves, New & Old (2003, 2013 …)
Downtempo funk instrumentals assembled from my performances on Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, bass, and more.
WMST Multimedia Studio, UMD
Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio (2011-13)
An event space and teaching lab at the University of Maryland, connecting the fields of women’s studies and digital humanities through art, performance, scholarship, and media activism.
Pink Noise River BreezeSand, Snow, Breeze (2012)
Audiovisual compositions using digital photographs and computer-generated noise to represent landscapes and weather events.
Sonic Panorama Science WorldSonic Panoramas (2007-09)
A series of panoramic portraits of cities with red, green, and blue color data converted to sound.
ResolutionsResolutions (2008-12)
A self-portrait in which a recording of my voice speaks pixel data from a digital photograph.
WavecyclesWavecycles (2011)
A generative composition using white and pink noise to emulate the sounds and patterns of water waves.
holding-your-breath-stillOcean State videos (2014/2006)
Two signal paintings made of music from the Ocean State album.
hoogkamp-ocean-stateOcean State (2006-07)
A quiet piano album with field recordings, Moog and ARP synths, SuperCollider sounds, and drums and percussion by Curt Newton.
Butterfly EffectsButterfly Effects (2006)
A four-channel, generative composition in SuperCollider. Its structure is derived from behaviors of migratory monarch butterflies and inspired by the “butterfly effect” concept of chaos theory, which suggests that the flapping of one butterfly’s wings can cause significant changes in how a weather system unfolds over time.
Butterfly EcosystemButterfly Ecosystem (2005)
An instructional score for an ensemble of improvisers, based on environmental conditions and behavioral aspects of migrating butterflies.
Flows20 Largest State-to-State Migration Flows (2006)
A series of compositions that render patterns of movement from U.S. Census data in oscillating audiovisual signals.
Place I've Lived and Traveled ToPlaces I’ve Lived & Traveled To, 1973-2005 (2005)
An audiovisual composition tracking my movement patterns throughout life, based on memories.
Eureka Ice WalkIce Walk: Eureka/Montreal (2009)
A recorded walk through ice/water in the present, overlaid with data converted into sound that marks how ice landscapes have changed over time.

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