Interview with SEAMUS

Screenshot of SEAMUS interview with Tara Rodgers

“I’m interested in harmonic complexity as a kind of blown-out timbral dimension that can tell an alternate story while other things are going on in a musical piece… like, if we use terms like lines or patterns when we refer to melody and rhythm, a complex system of interacting overtones is more like the impossible staircase of M.C. Escher, yes? Because it can lead you through a piece in all sorts of directions depending on where your point of entry is or how you focus your listening. And electronic and electroacoustic music is especially well suited to working within this dimension.”

Read an interview with Tara Rodgers by Ted Coffey for the Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) on composing across genres, the resonance of Pink Noises 10 years out, and working with electronic musical instruments, including the ARP 2500.


Artist case study in The Digital Musician, 3rd ed., Routledge

Cover of Andrew Hugill, The Digital Musician, 3rd ed.

In August 2018, Routledge published Andrew Hugill’s 3rd edition of The Digital Musician, an “introductory textbook for creative music technology and electronic music courses. Written to be accessible to students from any musical background, this book examines cultural awareness, artistic identity and musical skills, offering a system-agnostic survey of digital music creation. Each chapter presents creative projects that reinforce concepts, as well as case studies of real musicians and discussion questions for further reflection.”

Read the interview with Tara Rodgers and access other artist case studies online.


Interview: Analog Tara (Truants)

Analog Tara interview with Truants

Fundamentals is an amalgamation of the artist’s influences and personal experiences, exploring everything from techno, electro, analog sound sources, jazz, funk keyboard performance, sound art and explorations of sound as sculptural material. The music is soulful, serene and celebratory, featuring jubilant rhythms, magnetic synths and an overall free-flowing energy. …

In the following interview, we delve into her childhood interactions with music and technology, the impact of women on her work, her creative processes and inspirations, and the role of online communities and feminism in electronic music.”

Read the Analog Tara interview with Truants.

Interviews Pink Noises

Building Curriculum Diversity: Pink Noises (Interview)

Pink Noises on NewMusicBox

“There has been a lot of talk in the past year about the need for greater gender and racial diversity in programming from large performance organizations… For this series on building curriculum diversity, I interviewed various scholars, performers, and educators who have been creating wonderful resources that highlight these often ignored communities.

Tara Rodgers is a performer, composer, and scholar based in D.C. Her book Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound is a collection of interviews with some of the greatest minds in electronic music today. She generously agreed to an in-depth interview over email…”

Read Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti’s interview with Tara Rodgers on NewMusicBox.


Media Crafting: Tara Rodgers’ Collection of Mini Fibre Arts Audio Gear

Tara Rodgers's collection of mini fibre arts audio gear

“Composer, writer, and educator Tara Rodgers speaks with The Museum of Portable Sound about being an historian of synthesised sound, plus how her work in feminist media studies and the history of sound technologies led to a collection of crocheted and cross-stitched replica sound equipment.”

Read John Kannenberg’s interview with Tara Rodgers.