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Tara Rodgers – Ocean State (2007)

Album cover for Ocean State by Tara Rodgers

Painting of Basin Bay, Lake George, by Ellen Hoogkamp

A quiet album of piano improvisations with field recordings, Moog and ARP synths, SuperCollider sounds, and drums and percussion by Curt Newton.

Album Notes

lullabies + reveries from mixed sources. drums + percussion performed by curt newton + recorded by amos scattcergood in medford, mass., april 2005. piano on tracks 1, 2, 3, 11 + 12 recorded by paul scriver in the mills college concert hall, oakland, calif., feb 2006. all other piano, inside piano, moog IIIp + arp 2600 recorded by tara at the center for contemporary music, mills college, 2004 + 2006. field recordings are from auburn, mass., chicago, oakland + block island. electric guitar, little boy blue synth + supercollider instruments recorded in montreal, 2007. edited + mixed at home in oakland, providence, montreal + on the go. painting of basin bay by mima (ellen hoogkamp). warm thanks to curt, amos, paul, mom + dad, jody blackwell, jessica rylan, nancy tobin, maggi payne, chris brown, fred frith. with gratitude also for the music of dave mckenna, shirley horn, bill evans, pauline oliveros, eliane radigue.