Analog Tara – Strawberry Moon Mix for Extended Family DC (2018)

Analog Tara Strawberry Moon mix“When I first walked into Tara Rodgers’ house, the sounds of Kamasi Washington are floating through the space, as his sounds tend to do, and I try my best not to break the spells of his music as I hurriedly take my boots off as not to track water over her hardwood floors. The boots are soaking wet from another overcast and drizzly day in Washington D.C., a city not known for pleasant weather. Somehow, despite the gray murk wrapping the environment, there is a rosy light in the house; it feels like a warm and restful shelter of ease. It’s snug like you would imagine a bed of velvet roses without the thorns, and it’s not long before I realize that the light is not coming from the house of brick and plaster, but rather from Tara herself.

Rodgers, or Analog Tara, seems at once thoughtful, deliberate, and careful, yet in a way that seems delightedly open to new textures and perspectives. She somewhat sheepishly shows me her studio, a room with a perimeter stacked of modular synthesizers and pretty drum machines. …”

Read the full article and listen to Analog Tara’s 30-minute Strawberry Moon mix for Extended Family DC at Head Shoppe.