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Welcome to the web home of Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara). I am a composer, writer, and educator, originally from upstate New York and now based in the Washington, DC area. I make music and research the cultural history of sound and audio technologies. I am interested in how people use audio technologies creatively to express identities and form communities, and in how sounds and electronic musical instruments carry ideas about bodies and social differences.

Analog Tara Fundamentals EP coverAnalog Tara Fundamentals EP (1432R/DC) out 6/26

“Sweet sweet jams… both powerful and soothing, darting effortlessly from pulsing grooves to ethereal spaces.” — Bandcloud

“Rodgers’ dance floor material is warm and immersive. Body music from a heady source.” — Resident Advisor

MusicAnalog Tara performing

  • I’m currently making techno and ambient music, using an analog MIDI setup to record and Ableton Live to perform
  • I also make electroacoustic music, often with piano as a main element; see my recent collaborations with the dance artist Sharon Mansur & others for INSERT [     ] HERE
  • I’ve worked a lot with SuperCollider, composing generative music inspired by ecosystem dynamics and aesthetic relationships of synthesized sounds and the natural world

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ResearchPink Noises cover

I’ve done two main research projects in the last ~20 years:

  • Synthesizing Sound, a doctoral dissertation and related series of essays on the cultural history of synthesized sound from the late-19th century to the present
  • Pink Noises, a website and book exploring gender in electronic music cultures and documenting work by women who are DJs, sound artists, and electronic music producers

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“One of the most fascinating writers on the topic of gender and electronic music history… Pink Noises (2010) is a must for any electronic musician.” — LANDR

“[Pink Noises] challenges us to listen differently, and more musically, to the electronic musics these women have made.” — International Alliance for Women in Music

“Feminist and queer musicology in the U.S. has [an] established presence… and Rodgers is one of its most interesting voices.” — The Wire

News & Events

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Contact: analogtara {at} gmail {dot} com.

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